Why post in "Stories"

The goal here is sharing.

Write a short story and want to put it out into the world? post it here.

Remember when visiting this topic to stay civil and only offer criticism if someone asks. The goal here is to give people and outlet for there creativity. if you want to give someone input on there story ask them in a DM.

Tag usage:

  • #criticism - add this tag if you’re seeking input on your work
    seeing this is not license to roast someone

  • #NSFW - some content is consider out of bounds for younger audiences (not that I expect to see younger people here)
    your posts will be tagged by mods if they’re deemed as “out of bounds”

  • #fiction (genre description) - to help people know what they’re about to read of to find something that they want to read
    the main purpose of a tag like this is for searching

Thank you for all of your wonderful content :wink: